Basement and Laundry Room Remodel of 1930s Home

This growing family wanted to update their basement to provide a relaxing space to watch TV, study, and do laundry. It features a small built-in desk, a new bar, a completely renovated bathroom, a TV area, and an updated laundry room.

The new staircase is an important feature of this basement remodel. The previous staircase had a high riser height and a small tread. We tore out the existing stairs and built new ones that open up to the adjacent room. In the adjacent room we removed the block wall and put it in a steel beam to construct the stylish radius wall.

In the laundry room space we had to tear out and reroute the haphazard plumbing and duct work to build taller ceilings. One of the biggest challenges we had was redoing the floor in the laundry room and bar area. We first had to remove the existing concrete floor as it had a large slope. We then built a shoot in the existing window which allowed us to pour the concrete for the new floor.

This new space maximizes the basement area for this growing family. We are proud that this basement remodel provides a modern feel but still matches the architectural style of the 1930s home.