White Dove Whole Home Remodel

Before this whole home remodel, the kitchen and other rooms were rather dated. The house was not as open and accessible as the client wished it would be. We remodeled nearly every room in the house including the kitchen and two bathrooms to create a conducive and stylish update to the client’s home.

In the kitchen, we opened up the space by removing existing walls. We completely renovated the space installing new flooring, modern cabinetry, countertops, and Thermador appliances. The open space along with the newly installed windows create a brighter, more comfortable kitchen.

To make the home more accessible for the client, we remodeled their bathrooms and built a stairway to the attic replacing a pull-down staircase. Now, the new bathrooms are both stylish and easier to use and the storage in the attic is easier to access.

The project also featured work completed on the exterior the home. We installed a new roof and gutters on the house.

Our favorite feature of this whole home remodel is the added brightness the newly installed windows provide. This brightness allows the client to continue growing their African Violets and other beautiful indoor flowers.