Spacious First Floor Remodel in Zionsville

The clients of this home wanted to update their entire first floor. In order to create this larger more open space we had to bump out the kitchen several feet and take out a load bearing wall between the living room and the kitchen. In the basement we added steel posts to carry the structure. These structural changes created a much more spacious and attractive space.

The newly remodeled kitchen, now with more square footage, features a trapezoidal shaped island, the central piece of the kitchen remodel. This island has a gas stove and plenty of space for food prep. The newly remodeled kitchen also features custom cabinetry all with soft close doors and drawers.

The existing living room originally had the brick and fireplace pictured. We updated the space by painting the brick and adding shelves. The living room; now with a new paint color, shelves with decor, and the new wood plank hardwood flooring throughout the entire first floor; is inviting and comfortable. One unique feature of this first floor remodel is the concealed desk in the living room. The desk has doors which seal the space off when it is not being occupied.

On the exterior, we built a new landing and altered the handrail from the patio to allow for the first floor bump out. The addition matches the existing architecture and blends well with the home.