Plainfield Home Addition

Project Description:

This 24’ by 22’ addition opens up the the first floor space with an additional room that connects to the kitchen. The newly constructed space serves as a living room/sunroom.

To do this, we tore down the kitchen wall and built a temporary plywood wall to keep the space closed off from the new construction. The new structure was framed and the roof was shingled.  To allow for the roof line, new window openings were built and new windows were purchased to meet current egress requirements. The double door that initially went to the exterior was transformed into an 8’ tall opening.  The kitchen window at the sink was taken out and now has a wood jamb opening with a granite countertop for a bar where people can sit and watch the cooks at work.

Inside the addition we created some additional cabinet space for another serving area. The cabinetry was framed to fit a beverage cooler. The floor in the addition matches the existing hand scraped wood floor in the kitchen. One particular challenge we faced in the addition was ensuring that the floor elevation for the new addition lined perfectly so that it was seamless.

On the exterior we installed a new cultured ledge stone and a real limestone sill with actual rock face to provide a natural appearance. The stone steps on each of the entryways into the addition have a similar look. The radius steps contain the rock face feature as well. Large windows were installed which match the pitch of the existing roof. The siding on the new structure matches the existing siding on the home. We also installed new state of the art skylights that shut themselves when it rains.